Monday, August 21, 2017

Park Your Car...Or Not?

You can’t wait to get on the plane to France, Denver, San Diego, or somewhere. It doesn’t matter. You’re excited to go.
But…you have to get to the airport and then leave your car. If you’re gone for an extended period of time…it may cost you a bundle.
What do you do?
This is an excellent site for all things travel. Check out their deals on shuttle services to and from the airport.
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Here’s an example of some info they have posted:
Top reasons to use an airport transportation service
These are the main reasons we recommend using an airport shuttle instead of parking at the airport:
·         It’s fast and easy to check rates online and choose a vehicle that best suits your needs and your budget
·         You can pre-book well in advance of your travel day so there’s one less thing to worry about in the busy days leading up to your trip
·         Unlike most taxis or ride-hailing services, with the provider we recommend, your fee is set up front and there is never any surge pricing
·         It’s a snap to select exactly when and where you want to be picked up for your ride to the airport (and dropped off upon your return). Examples include your home, office, hotel or school/university.
·         The driver drops you off right at your terminal and will help you with your luggage. They same applies when you fly back into the airport.
·         Drivers are professional, have had background checks and are safety trained. They’re also required to carry liability insurance coverage.
·         You can make one-way, roundtrip or multi-leg advance reservations. Super convenient!
For more great parking and travel info, check out this site from Jennifer Church.

Airport Parking Helper

P.S. If you've got a trip coming up, you can grab coupon codes for off-airport parking, hotels with free parking, shuttle services and more by visiting our Top Travel Deals page.

Remember, lots fill up quickly in the busy summer travel seasons, so don't delay!

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