Thursday, June 22, 2017

TSA Screening Updates

Traveling this summer may be a little different as you go through security. You may be required to remove your Kindle, paperback book, food, and any other tech items larger than a cell phone from your carry-on bag. This new procedure is being tested at 10 airports, reports the TSA.
Why? Several reasons. Passengers are cramming more and more stuff into their carry-on bags and backpacks. This tight packing makes it harder for the agents to properly screen the bags. Therefore, more bags have to be hand screened. This all takes time to ensure proper screening.
The airports where this is being tested are Boise, Colorado Springs, Detroit, Fort Lauderdale, Boston, LA, Lubbock, San Juan, Las Vegas, and Phoenix.
You will need to remove those items and place them in a bin. Passengers with TSA pre-check may be exempt.
According to the TSA, this should shorten time in the security line as not as many bags will be hand inspected.

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