Thursday, May 18, 2017

Valpolicella and Lugana Tasting

Valpolicella and Lugana Exclusive Tasting

Learning about wines is always a fun and enlightening time. It doesn’t matter if I thought I knew about a type of wine or a specific grape. There’s always more to learn.

What better way to learn about the Valpolicella and the Lugana wine regions than to spend an afternoon tasting wines from 14 different wineries? If you thought they’d all taste the same…you would be wrong. If you thought there would be similarities…you would be correct.

My palette was in heaven.

First…Valpolicella. The Valpolicella wines are produced within a specific area located in Veneto, a northern region of Italy. This region is situated north of Verona, comprehends 11 valleys stretching north to south, includes two geographical specifications, “Classico” and “Valpanetena”, and is only about 10 km from Lake Garda, which mitigates the temperature.

Next…Lugana. Lugana is the name of land nestled within the Lake Garda region. This region encompasses two provinces, Brescia and Verona, and two regions, Lombardy and Veneto. Wines from here are unique in that they benefit from the microclimate of the lake, the local clay soil, and a particular variety of grapes named “turbiana.” Full bodied, age worthy, and a hint of floral and citrus bouquet make this white wine refined and tasty.

Stay tuned for my favorites and why I like them…

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