Thursday, April 20, 2017

Simple Suggestions To Get The Most Out Of Your Trip Abroad

I've posted several suggestions to get the most out of your trip. I'll continue to post those...

For today, take a look at these simple suggestions...

Map your location
Most of us already check street maps a few times before a trip to make sure our hotel is close to downtown or a planned drive isn't too long to do in a day -- but there are many more riches to be found if you spend a little more time with a mapping app.

Preview the traffic
Before I fly into an airport, I check the route from the airport (or the rental car garage) to my lodging.

Read a history book
Sure, you’ve probably read guide books. But, this can help you gain appreciation and understanding of the various tourist landmarks you might visit. That way they won’t seem like just another thing to gawk at and move on.

Look at photos
Again, take a step beyond the guide book and check out some extra photos.

Learn a few phrases

I find it a good idea to learn several phrases. Please, thank you, and hello go a long way. For me, I learn even more. I want to be able to read the menu and street signs. If you can’t speak the language…at least smile.

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