Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Do You Visit Museums?

Museums are major tourist destinations. There are many ways to get the most out a museum visit. You  want to do the museum justice and have fun at the same time. So…how do you do that?   
For some museums, it’s best to set an amount of time you want to spend there. If it’s a huge museum…think the Louvre…you won’t see it all!
Make sure you eat before you go. Your concentration will be better if your stomach is not growling at you.
Try to plan a focus. If you hurry though, you probably won’t remember the 200 paintings or exhibits you glanced at. Maybe pick a room or an artist or a time period.
If an audio tour is offered, take it. You might be surprised at the information you learn while you’re studying the exhibit. In the case of the Last Supper in Milan…the audio tour is an absolute must.
If you need or want to view certain pieces, hiring a guide might be the best thing for you.

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