Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Bodega Bay Beaches...Great Summer Fun

Looking for some beach time this summer? 

Head north to the beaches along Bodega Bay. They’re close, they offer a variety of activities, the rugged coastline provides endless photo opportunities, and the scenery is spectacular.

Here are just a few:

Salmon Creek is a wide expanse of beach at the point where Salmon Creek meets the Pacific. Surfers and families love this beach.

Goat Rock is a fantastic spot for kayakers and anyone enjoying a great view. Plus, there’s the rock…Goat Rock.

Portuguese Beach is a long, wide beach between Bodega Bay and the Russian River. It’s one of the largest sandy beaches in the area, providing a lengthy walking beach.

Arched Rock Beach is named for the big rock with a hole in it. The rock is actually next to Marshall Gulch Beach. Visit here during low tides.

Schoolhouse Beach is one of the wider and nicer beaches along the Pacific between Bodega Bay and the Russian River. Explore the tide pools and the sandy expanse.

Wright’s Beach consists of coarse sand, smooth, small pebbles, and Jade, agates, and chert. Looking for some true California Jade? You’ll need to spend some time looking closely at each pebble. Happy hunting.


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