Thursday, February 23, 2017

It's a Long Flight

Let’s say you have a long flight ahead of you. Do you sleep on the plane? Can you sleep on a plane?
If not, why not?

Have you tried any of these to help?

An eye mask works to block out the light. For some, this is important. The cabin lights are usually dimmed, but you can still have some light that may bother you. Try an eye mask. If the ones given to you by the airline are too thin or slippery, pack your own.

Earplugs are a must for others. Noise-cancelling headphones may work as well or better. Again, if you don’t like the ones on the plane, bring your own.

Make sure you are wearing clothes which help you sleep. I’m not advocating dressing in your pajamas. Not at all. But, be comfortable.

If you really want to sleep, mention this to the attendant. Ask that they not wake you unless it’s an emergency.

If you don’t think there will be pillows or blankets, bring your own. I always have a pashmina with me to work as a shawl, blanket, or something to rest my head on.

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