Thursday, February 2, 2017

Is Travel Getting More Complicated?

Recently, I've read travel is getting more complicated. Is it? Sure, the world is changing and maybe adding some things which are new and different. But, does that make it more complicated to go somewhere new?

Planning takes more effort. Does it? Or, do you just need to be aware of where and when to go?

I don't know the language. How do I get around? While it's true you should arm yourself with some common words and phrases, especially to be polite, you can also find ways to work around this.

Check out these ideas if you really think it's too complicated to go.

Planning Tools: You can find them on states, cities, destinations worldwide. There are ones for itineraries, attractions, accommodations, activities, restaurants, and so much more. Usually, these sites are current with up-to-date info. Just make sure you are on the official site for that area.

The US State Department: Utilize this site to find out about the country you want to visit. Is it safe? When should you go? Where is the nearest US Embassy located? This site also allows you to register with STEP. Check it out at

Google Translate: This is one of the best I've found for translating signs, menus, and more. More than 100 languages are offered and can be translated in a variety of speech, writing, photos, and more. You can even store translations.

TSA-friendly bags: Available for your laptop and electronics, these bags open flat to go through the scanners.

RFID: There are numerous wallets and handbags available.

Take some time and do your research before you go. I think you'll find traveling is not all that complicated.

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