Thursday, December 1, 2016

Have You Done This?

Recently I read about some packing mistakes on several different blogs and websites. Travel expert Johnny Jet of listed many of these. I've complied a list from other readers and from other's experiences. Take a look...

Have you ever made any of these mistakes when packing?

Packing anything that you absolutely need in your checked luggage? How about valuables? Did you know the airlines lose a whopping 24 million bags each year? You'd be out of luck if your bag was lost and you need your prescription medication.

Packing liquids in your checked luggage, without them being in a plastic bag or well protected? Thinking that bottle of wine or rum will be good to travel wrapped in your dirty laundry isn't quite good enough. Neither is placing your big bottle of special shampoo among your underwear.

Forgetting to pack something you really need for the trip before you leave home? If you made a list, and paid attention to it, you wouldn't leave your passport or your glasses or your extra pair of contact lenses sitting at home.

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