Monday, October 3, 2016

What Should I Buy?

You’re stuck in an airport, wandering the duty-free shops. Everything is bright, shiny, and beckoning. It’s duty free. Right?

Even though you may find a deal once in a great while, it’s not a given that your duty-free purchase is a good buy. In fact, you’ll most likely find those electronic goods, beauty products, and high end purses usually cost less at home or online.

Do your homework before you fly. Get some idea of what products cost. Look at those you think you might be tempted to purchase.

One exception to this would be locally made or hand-crafted gifts made in that region.

How about neck pillows? You see them at every stand in every airport. If you really think you need a neck pillow, buy it before you leave home. Travel clothing websites, online, Amazon, and so many more carry them for a fraction of the cost at the airport.

Another thing that may grab your attention, is getting your foreign currency when you first land in a different country. Stop. Currency exchange desks in airports will charge a high transaction fee. Really high, in some cases. Sure, it’s convenient. But, probably not worth the fees.

Before you fly, get some money at your local bank. Many do not have foreign transaction fees.

Or, wait until you get to your destination. An ATM from a national bank will change less of a transaction fee than the airport.

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