Monday, September 26, 2016

Going to Japan?

Recently I had a wonderful visit with Singapore based Mobile Applications developer, LCO-Creation, who developed TravelDoor, the leading travel app for Japanese travelers.

What they do...they offer curated Travel Guides, Detailed Travel Content with over 65 destinations, offline Maps, Navigation.

Why is this app's 100% Offline, which means no roaming charges.

Travelers can use this app to plan their upcoming trip. Get all the best restaurants, hotels, flights, latest events calendar, car rental, and more.

LCO-Creation recently released TravelDoor Japan to allow travelers to Japan to have the latest travel information at their fingertips.

Features include:

Navigate with simple to use offline maps
Bookmark places of interest
Articles about Japanese food, culture, nature, hotspring and more
Find the perfect activity to explore Japan
Travel confidently with essential tips such as city highlights and details on where to visit

TravelDoor Japan includes 275 extensive city travel guides across Japan and includes information on over 2,600 tourist attractions across all 47 Japanese prefectures.

This is definitely worth checking out. 

Currently, the application is only available for download from Google Play Stores and will be available for iOS devices later this year. 

Let me know what you think.

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