Thursday, September 29, 2016

Eurail Pass

If you have never traveled by train in Europe, it's something you should try. 
It can be an affordable way to see some of Europe’s most beautiful scenery. It's also a convenient and comfortable way to get from one place to the next.
If you will be traveling from country to country or doing a bunch of traveling, try out the Eurail Pass. Here are some tips which may help you when using the Eurail Pass.
Use your pass on days where you will be traveling on longer train journeys. If you will be on the train for more than three hours, the Eurail Pass is cost effective. If the ride is shorter, it's not such a savings.
Use your pass if you will be on an overnight train. If you start at 7 pm or later, you will have until midnight the next day to use only one day of your pass. 
Most high speed trains in Europe require seat reservations. If you are using your Eurail Pass, you need to pre-book those early. 

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