Monday, August 8, 2016

Don't Hog the Armrests

Planes are full, people are traveling everywhere, and you want to have a good time. How about using some Airplane Etiquette, which is really just common sense?

Trying new medications:
If you’ve been given a new prescription or if you’ve decided to try a new decongestant, try it at home first. You certainly wouldn’t want to be at 38,000 feet when you discover you’re the one person who doesn’t get drowsy from this med…you get hyper. Worse yet, you’ve given a new med to your child. Not a good place to be when that happens. No one will have a nice flight.

Listen to the safety briefing:
I know you’ve heard it a gazillion times and I know it’s boring. But, will you really know where the nearest exit is if the cabin is filled with smoke? Listen.

Keep your seat in an upright position during mealtimes:
You may want to take a nap. But, the person behind you wants to be able to eat their meal without having your seat and your head leaning toward their food. Be courteous.

Bring non-smelly food:
Those freshly fried onion rings that looked so good in the airport are now going to smell up the whole cabin with a stale, greasy, oniony odor. You wouldn’t want that and neither does anyone sitting around you.

Consume alcohol in moderation:
I can attest to having a seat mate who was drunk…and obnoxious. Not fun. Remember, if you’re too drunk or too obnoxious, the flight attendants are allowed to remove you before the flight starts. Once the flight is in the air, be kind to the rest of the passengers and drink sensibly.

Put your small carry on piece of luggage under the seat in front of you:
Those overhead bins…they’re for the larger carry on pieces. Not your small briefcase or large purse. The plane is full, everyone has carry on luggage, jackets, and backpacks. Don’t take more than your space.

Teach your children not to kick the seat in front of them:
Kids get bored on long flights. We all know that. Crying when their ears hurt is understandable. Kicking the seat in front of them is not okay. Teach them what to do and what not to do.

Use your own space:

We know airplane seats are getting smaller. We know not everyone fits in those seats. Long legs and wider shoulders sometimes spill over into the next seat. But, do your part to stay in your own space as much as possible. No hogging the armrests. Yes, the middle seat gets BOTH armrests. Don’t put your long hair or ponytail over your seat and into the space of the person behind you. Again, be courteous and pay attention.

Any tips you want to pass along?

Have fun flying...

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