Thursday, August 4, 2016

Curbside or Inside?

 Pros and Cons of Curbside Check In

Some Pros might include the fact you can actually visit with an airline employee, especially if there are no lines. That employee is probably in a good mood. I’ve had actual conversations with a less-hurried curb side check-in person.

One of the Cons, however, is that some airlines still charge extra for curbside check in.
American Airlines offers curbside check-in at approximately 30 airports. Some of those are seasonal…think about weather. And, there are ones where you cannot use it for international travel.

Delta has about 100 locations and no charge, but they do accept tips!

JetBlue offers curbside at 24 locations, but charges $2 per bag. They also accept tips.

Southwest curbside is available at most of the airports. No charge, but tips are accepted.

United has about 40 airports for curbside check-in with no cost.

Virgin America offers it at San Francisco, Los Angeles, Dallas Love. Check online before you plan on using it as some restrictions may apply.

How about others? Any good or not-so-good stories?

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