Monday, July 11, 2016

There's an App for That...

I recently read about some apps that fellow travelers use.
Translate…Google Translate can translate instantly for you. It’s available iOS and Android.
Weather…want real time forecasts? Check out WeatherPro, available iOS and Android. It tells you if you need an umbrella or not and one of the most accurate weather radars.
Packing lists…if you don’t already have one, look at TripList. There are lists out there. I even have one I’ve posted before. This one is little different. Tell it where you’re going and how long you’ll be there. Then, it gives you a suggested list of items to pack.
Tipping…can be a challenge if you change countries. GlobeTipping acts as a calculator for tips. It also works if you need to split the bill. iOs only.
Currency…if you really need to figure out the exchange, see if this one helps. iOS and Android.
History…if you’re looking for the history of your destination, HistoryHere may be able to help you. It is only available in the US right now. iOS and Android.
Maps…Google Maps is more than just handy. It can be invaluable when checking traffic, public transit, or turn by turn navigation. iOS and Android.

Do you use any of these? Do you like them?

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