Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Don't Watch the Video

Before your trip, do you read guide books, do you check out the Internet, do you ask friends who have been where you're going, do you read reviews, do you watch travel videos, or do you do all of the above?

There are so many resources available, that it is wise to take advantage of any and all of them.

Get your information ahead of time and then keep learning while you are on your trip. Guide books and videos can give you so much information. However...

I'd suggest NOT doing what we saw one couple do in Venice last year. They were sitting at an outdoor cafe with a glass of wine. That's the good part.

They were watching a video about Venice on their tablet...with the volume turned up so loud everyone at the cafe and on the street could hear it. That's the not-good part.

Watch the video at home. Perhaps make a list from that video. But, don't make everyone within a block listen to it.

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