Sunday, April 10, 2016

Where to Stay?

You can read all sorts of tips about picking your hotel.

Is it cheaper to stay on the outskirts of the city? Might be. But, consider what you want to do and how much a taxi ride into the downtown area will cost. It might seem like a cheaper way to stay...but your other costs may end up higher than if you stayed closer to activities where you want to spend time.

Should you read reviews? Probably. When you do, make sure you read current ones. The ones from two years ago may not be accurate. Also, read more than just a couple. Two bad ones or two great ones might cancel out the rest of them. Pay attention to what the reviewers have to say. If most of them comment on the uncomfortable beds and the less than stellar customer service, it's a good bet those are real issues.

Can you find it on a map? It would be a good idea. Make sure the address is accurate and that you could find it when walking through the city.

Should you book directly through the hotel? You might get a better rate. Not always, but often, calling the hotel directly will give you a better rate than a booking site. Plus, you can ask a live person if there are any specials available.

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