Friday, September 11, 2015

Where is my Money?

When planning for a trip, especially a big one, it's fairly easy to know how much you'll spend on airfare, hotels or apartments, car rental, and specific attractions. But, what about other charges? What about keeping track of your money while traveling? Do you know what to do?

You may encounter bank or ATM fees when  you get cash. You can check before you go.

What about taxis? Do you have plans to utilize public transportation or will you be taking taxis everywhere?

Do you plan on using your phone if you're in Europe? Do you know what you will be charged?

What's the local exchange rate? Is it better to get Euros before you leave home? Avoid exchanging at the airport.

Don't bring traveler's matter how cheap they appear to be. They're not.

Do you know the local custom for tipping at restaurants, at hotels, for the maid?

Do you know how to keep your valuables safe when traveling?

Avoid using public Wi-Fi for financial transactions.

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