Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Travel Clubs...Should You or Shouldn't You?

So much has been written about travel clubs, timeshares, or vacation clubs. Before you say 'yes', think about some of these things.

Are you already on vacation in a spot you love? Do you come back year after year? You're having fun...right? You are offered the opportunity to come back here to your own place. Step back and think about it. It may be a good deal for you and it may not. Weigh all your options.

Before you sign anything, read the fine print. Does it list the exact time you will have the villa or condo? Can you rent it out if you're not using it? Will that cost you extra money? What are the maintenance fees and do they go up?

Is the travel club legit? AAA has one that is. Check the one you're looking at.

Shop around.

Check for scams.

Think about how you like to travel. Will it be worth it?

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