Sunday, September 13, 2015

There's a Telegraph in my Hotel Room...

Palace Hotel, San Francisco...

When looking for a luxury hotel, is it important for you to have a telegraph on every floor? How about a private bath or five rising rooms? In 1875 these modern technological advancements catered to travelers, business titans, the social elite, and dignitaries who were looking for the best in hotels. At that time, the Palace Hotel in San Francisco was the largest hotel in the world…and a true innovator of its time.

No wonder it quickly became ‘the place’ to stay.

Then came the earthquake of 1906 and in the fires that accompanied it, the Palace Hotel was destroyed. All the marble, crystal chandeliers, and opulence were reduced to ruble. Only three years later, the new Palace opened its doors, using what they found in that ruble and adding new spectacular acquisitions…grander than before the fires. Fast forward to 2015 when the latest renovations were complete. The old…the new…the newest, all blend together as the fresh design pairs with timeless elegance.  

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