Friday, August 7, 2015

Running Through the Airport

Have you ever made the mistake of not leaving enough time between connecting flights? Have you missed your flight because of this?

When you booked those flights, did you think 45 minutes was enough time between flights? After all, who wants to hang out in an airport for hours...right?

Before you book your connecting flights too close together, keep in mind some things. How far apart are the gates? Even if you think you know, they can change. Look at how far apart the furthest gates are from each other. Those may be yours. Then, look at the size of the airport. Lots of planes coming and going? How about the weather? Flying through Denver in the winter might cause delays. Same thing with flying through Phoenix in the summer.

Are you carrying your luggage? Can you run with it? Are you traveling with small children? Do you have to use the restroom?

Maybe a couple extra hours in the airport is better than missing your connection. Most airlines will charge you to rebook if the issue isn't their fault.

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