Friday, July 17, 2015

Travel Bags Review

When I travel, I organize everything. I repeat...everything. With that in mind, I use several see through and other bags. I like to know where everything is.

Recently, I reviewed these handmade pouch-like bags from TeresaMade. As bags, they're cute, classy, and functional. As travel accessories, they're fantastic. So, I interviewed the creator of the TeresaMade bags. I know her well.

They come in several different sizes, which is handy for whatever size purse or bag you're using. Teresa tells me she can custom make them to just about any size. Need one for your tablet, your Nook, or your phone? She can do it.

With a zipper closure, nothing will escape. That's nice.

They stand up and are winder at the bottom than the top. When I need my bottles to stand up, this is just the bag I need. You can't use these bags for your TSA liquids, as that bag needs to be clear. But, I use them to hold my bottles when on a driving trip.

They also work great for organizing your cords and chargers, international plugs, camera batteries and extra memory cards, pens and paper, snacks, laundry detergent pods...the list keeps going.

If something were to spill on the bag or in the bag, it's good to know it's completely machine washable. Pull the lining so it sticks out of the bag and either dry gently or air dry.

For more information or to order your own, go to or on Etsy check for TeresaMade. By the way...she is also the creator of Green Bag Lady, You receive a free Green Bag Lady bag with every order, too.

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Green Bag Lady Teresa said...

Aw, thanks for telling everyone about the pouches! :)

I have a bunch more in the works.

You are the best Wendy.