Friday, June 5, 2015

Is the Guidebook Worth It?

You've probably read a guidebook or three before you travel. Now, what do you visit, what do you see, where do you eat...? There can be so much information that you really aren't sure which guidebook to follow.

Keep in mind, guidebooks are great at giving information, at pointing you in the right direction, and giving you background information on places you're visiting. They can be a valuable resource.

However, they are not the only source of things to see and do. There's much more to the world than the guidebooks can include.

So, what do you do? Read the guidebooks and use them as a base. Then, ask locals or people who have traveled where you are going. Does someone know of a little cantina in a back street that serves the best wine in Venice? Does the bartender at that cantina know the best place to eat lunch? Does your waiter at lunch know where you should go to buy pastries for breakfast?

Guidebooks are important...just not the only source for a great trip.

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