Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Doors locked...check; Garbage taken out...check; What else?

You've probably already made sure the thermostat was set correctly, the house sitter has the keys, and your bag is packed before you leave for that two week trip to Venice.

Have you also charged all of your devices? in the last hour before you leave?

Have you unplugged home electronics or shut down your home computer? Anything you or your house sitter won't be using...unplug it before you leave.

Have you double checked your documents you will need while traveling? Do you know where they are in your purse or carry on bag?

Have you checked your flight status?

Have you checked your email for any last minute changes to reservations?

Have you checked the wait time at the airport?

Have you checked traffic on the way to the airport?

Have you placed all important medication in your carry on or purse instead of your checked bag?

Have you taken photos of your checked luggage and your travel documents? Take photos of both the exterior and interior of your luggage. Take photos of your passport vital info. Take photos of your itinerary, any other identification, reservations, and anything else you will need. If you take these with your phone, make sure your phone is password protected.

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