Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Travels: Souvenirs

When you travel, do you look for souvenirs to bring home or look for that special piece to bring back to your house sitter? Where do you look?

I realize tourist stands and trinkets are everywhere, but I want something special..something unique. Where do I find it?

One place I look is the local grocery store. Yep...the grocery store. For one thing, it's a great place to get an overview of the local culture pretty quickly. You can see what is popular here compared to at home, you can find cheaper snacks, and you see some pretty interesting branding. You might know what the container is supposed to say at home. Even written in a different language than you're used to, it's fun to see what is on the label.

Another thing to find is kitchen utensils. Check out what gets used in this country compared to what you use. Small utensils make great gifts for friends that like to cook.

Many grocery stores have gifts and cards as well. Check them out...

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