Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Travels: Security Lines at the Airport

When you're approaching the security line at the airport are you all prepared with your ID and boarding pass ready, your shoes easy to remove, the bag with any liquids handy, your computer case unzipped and ready to place in a separate bin, and your jacket already removed?

Or, do you fumble around with everything at the last minute?

Recently, I watched a couple in the line next to me create a mess for security and the people in line behind them. I'm not sure if they don't travel much or what...but it was painful to watch. And, I can't even imagine being behind someone like that. It's so much easier for everyone, including yourself, if you do a little pre-planning and getting ready. Security is the same at all airports.

Thank goodness I only had to watch from a distance! Since I am a member of the trusted traveler program, I go through the TSA Pre line where everything is easier. That works for me.

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