Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Travels: Overpacking Solutions

Pack for the worst case scenario? Pack in case the weather turns bad? What if you run out of clothes? What if you need all your gadgets?

With a little pre-planning, this doesn't have to be you. Check the weather report and look at weather on the Internet before you pack. Sure, it doesn't hurt to throw in an umbrella if rain might happen in May in Paris. Or, you could buy one on the street. If the weather forecast for Rome in June is high 80s...you could probably only pack one long sleeved shirt or light jacket. No need to have two sweatshirts, a long sleeved fleece, and a jacket.

What if you get somewhere and you find you really do need something you left at home? There's a good chance you can find a shop and buy whatever it is you need.

Laundry issues? Pack a small bag of laundry soap or use your hair shampoo and wash out some clothes in the hotel sink. Or, check before you rent a vacation home or apartment to see if there is a washer. Pack clothes that wash and dry easily.

As for gadgets, we are all addicted to our favorite ones. They can be useful when traveling. Check the website of the hotel or vacation home to see what they have included. You may not need to bring your hair dryer, chargers, adapters, or converters.

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