Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Travels: Cheap Travel

Is there such a thing as cheap travel these days?

That depends on how you travel. Check out these tips to see if any help you save a few dollars on your next trip.

Did you know there is a 24 hour booking window for flights? Let's say you've booked a flight and you come across a cheaper one in a couple of hours. Make use of the 24 hour window and cancel the first one.

That window gets larger when booking rental cars and hotels. Most rental cars are totally refundable up to the day of picking up the car. It would be a good idea to check their policy when booking.

As for hotels, ask what their refund policy is when you book the hotel. Some sites will tell you what their policy is...but always ask when booking directly through the hotel.

Want cheaper fares, rooms, etc.? Travel in off peak or shoulder season. If summer is the busiest, most traveled time...think about going in spring, fall, or winter.

Walk. Get an idea of where you want to go, have a map or an app, or just set out to wander the city. Walking is cheaper than taxis and public transportation.

Think about renting an apartment or vacation home instead of staying in hotels. Many times the price is a whole lot cheaper. You can also eat some meals in...stop and get pastries and fruit to have with your coffee for breakfast. Most times you can do laundry in the apartment, which means you can travel lighter. Ask if they have any specials or perks when renting. The vacation home we rented in Monterey comes with passes to the aquarium, saving us some money.

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