Monday, February 16, 2015

Travels: Round the World Flight

Ever thought about a round-the-world trip? While a RTW trip isn't for everybody, it is a great way to explore a range of destinations in a unique manner.

Some things to consider include the following.

Plan. Make a list of what you really want to see and do. This isn't a destination. It's a complete set of flights. Therefore, you need to plan exactly the areas of the world you want to visit. 

Take your time. Spread out your visits and plan on taking a good month for your adventure. Give each place you visit enough time to see what you came there to see. Remember, you need to factor in checking out of your hotel, getting to the airport, customs, etc. Spend enough time in each place.

Move either east or west throughout your journey. It could be a requirement for some RTW tickets, but for the best use of time...pick east or west traveling.

Buy a single ticket from a company that specializes in RTW fares. Most will require you to complete your travel within one year and many are limited to 15 or 16 stops or flight segments.  Or buy individual tickets and arrange those flights to meet your schedule. Make sure to check out all your options before you buy.

Think about flying business class.

Use your air miles to support what you can.

Remember to check what visas you will need, which countries require to apply in advance, and to check the State Department's information page for each country you plan to visit.

Have fun.

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