Sunday, February 22, 2015

Travels: Italy and Painting...a Wonderful Match

More enticements to travel to Italy – and paint the wonderful scenery.


My friend Bill Breckon is owner of The Watermill at Posara, a centre of excellence for the arts in unspoilt rural Tuscany ( and his blog always has plenty of reasons why we should travel to that wonderful country. Not least are the paintings and painting tips by the inspiring tutors that come to take week-long courses at The Watermill. Like this one – a Matisse-inspired jigsaw from painting tutor Doranne Alden.

Our lovely watercolour Bill says: “Our painting tutor from Malta, Doranne Alden, is much influenced by the wonderful French painter Henri Matisse (and who can blame her?). You may remember we told you or her series of paintings Hommage to Matisse in a previous Watermill blog. You can see it again by clicking here.
“And she’s also been inspired by Matisse occasionally to work in a ‘jigsaw’ fashion or ‘cut-out’ style. Doranne says: “I find it is a novel way of working in any medium, though I do find that some media are better suited for this than others.” The colourful painting above is a result.
Doranne says: “Using my favourite watercolour inks in this painting, you will see in the step by step photographs below, that I did not use any masking liquid or any other masking method. In fact I worked round the shapes of the objects I was painting.
“The ink I used is very vibrant and unforgiving as the colours are all permanent and relatively fast drying, but after years of using them, I still find that they give me a sense of freedom of expression and thoroughly capture the mood and colour of whatever still life I set up in front of me.
“Hope you enjoy seeing the process as much as I enjoyed painting it.”

Bill Breckon says: “Doranne Alden is a professional artist, art teacher and graphic designer who particularly loves painting in watercolour. She now lives in Malta, but also worked for several years in Germany. Doranne is also a dedicated teacher, who has led many classes and workshops. She loves sharing her knowledge and enthusiasm, inspiring her students to produce their best work — and she’s happy to teach beginners as well as more experienced painters. Doranne Alden’s  week-long watercolour course will run from Saturday 9 May to Saturday 16 May. You can find out more about Doranne and her course by clicking hereWhy not bring your non-painting partner as well? There’s a generous £200 discount for him/her if they share a room with you.”

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