Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Travels: Carry On Bag Issues

Are you one of those who travels with a carry on bag and stows it in the first available overhead space you find...even when your seat is toward the back of the airplane?

Or, are you a traveler that brings a huge bag and tries to pass it off as a carry on bag?

Or, do you travel with two large bags; one as your carry on and one as your personal bag? Do you put them both in the overhead bin because you want the space under your feet free and clear?

Recently, we experienced all three of these on a short flight. 

In the first instance, the flight attendant asked the passenger to remove his bag and place it near his seat. They offered to gate check it for free if that didn't work.

In the second one, the gate agent did not allow the passenger to take an oversize bag on the plane as a carry on. She firmly, but politely, told him it would be gate checked.

In the third instance, the flight attendant move one of the two bags to another bin several rows back...and the passenger decided to put it under his feet instead.

What are your thoughts?

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