Friday, February 6, 2015

Travels: Backdoor Bistro in Vacaville, CA

Restaurants come and go. Some are memorable...some, not so much. Some are trendy, some offer amazing food, and some offer all that and more. I love it when we find that amazing place with tasty food on our travels. I also love it when that place is close by.

Backdoor Bistro in Vacaville, CA is one of those finds. Serving locally sourced and sustainable food as much as possible, Chef Lindsey and her staff are to be complimented on making this spot a 'go to' place in Vacaville.

Check out their wine maker dinners or go for a burger and a beer.

The duck with creamy polenta and broccoli slaw was awesome last week. I wonder what the special will be this week?

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