Sunday, January 25, 2015

Travels: Use Your Smartphone

Share your itinerary with friends, family, or travel companions through an app on your smartphone. TripIt is just one of them. I do know TripIt will automatically create an itinerary from all of your confirmation emails, including flight status. You won't have to search through a bunch of emails as all the information will be in one spot.

Have you wondered how long that security line is going to be at the airport? Download the My TSA app as it provides security line wait time as well as a list of airports that have TSA Pre Check lines, other airport information, and a list of which items are okay to be carried on to the plane.

Before you leave on a trip, download a book to read, games to play, or a guidebook for information. Don't download them at the airport as that could waste your battery or take forever to download.

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