Friday, January 23, 2015

Travels: Tips Using Everyday Items

Pack some common everyday items you already have around the house instead of buying one-time use items.

You probably already know you can use bubble wrap to keep those breakable souvenirs safe. Did you know you can fold a sheet of bubble wrap, staple it, and use it to protect your tablet computer?
Forgot your make-up remover? Use some petroleum jelly…just don’t get it in your eyes. 

Do you have static in your hair or clothes? Next time, pack a dryer sheet. It works wonders and takes up just about no room.

Dental floss works for more than just your teeth. If you have a needle with a larger hole, you can sew on a button with dental floss.

A padded oven mitt is great for curling irons. But, did you know you can pack other things inside to keep them protected in your suitcase? Your curling iron, hairdryer, or electric razor are just a few things that will stay contained and won’t damage anything else by being loose and moving around in your bag.

Don’t have a separate bag for dirty laundry and don’t want to use a plastic bag? Use a pillow case. Toss in a dryer sheet to keep the dirty laundry from smelling up the rest of your bag.

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