Monday, January 5, 2015

Travels: Packing Tips

Traveling in 2015? Do you have your packing list ready? Want some more tips to help pack everything you'll need? Check out these tips:

Pack a scarf. I know I've mentioned this one before, but it makes so much sense to pack a lightweight scarf. Use it for everything from a pillow (wad it up on the plane) to a cover up in churches (remember to keep your shoulders covered) to a sarong or skirt when you forgot to pack one.

Pack lip balm. Dry airplane air, walking around in the sun, cold weather, eating salty helps with all of these and more. Need to tame some frizzy hair ends or unstick a zipper? Try lip balm.

Pack sunscreen stick. Since it's not a liquid you can pack it in your carry on. And, there's no chance it will leak onto the rest of your items.

Next time your hotel has a disposable shower cap, take it and pack it. Use it as a shoe cover to keep your good shoes from getting scuffed and use it to cover your sandy or dirty shoes to keep them from getting everything else sandy or dirty.

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