Thursday, January 29, 2015

Travels: Do You Over Pack?

You've probably overpacked your suitcase at one time or another, especially if you really wanted to squeeze one last pair of shoes or a bulky sweater in at the last minute. But, do you really need everything you think you need?

Can you travel with just a carry on bag? I can go to Europe for two weeks in a carry on bag. But, if you are typically an overpacker or think you need to take so much stuff with you, check out some ideas that may help you think about what you really put in your suitcase.

First, make a list of what you need. By writing it down, you won't forget an important item. You also may see where you can eliminate items.

Having said that...don't pack at the last minute, especially for a long trip. You may forget things, something may need to be cleaned before you pack it, or you may throw too many things in...just in case you need them.

Speaking of the just in case items...don't pack them. A rain coat...just in case it rains. Check the weather first and if no rain is anywhere in the forecast...your just in case rain coat is unnecessary. A fancy dress or nice suit...just in case you go to an upscale restaurant or event. Are you really planning on this type of event and do you often frequent places where these type of clothes are required? If so...pack them. If not...these just in case clothes are unnecessary.

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