Saturday, December 6, 2014

Travels: Plan Ahead Tips

If you use a packing list, you probably won't forget important items. If you don't use a least plan ahead to remember everything you need for your upcoming trip.

Are you traveling to a country where you need an adapter for your electronics? If so, do you know which one you need? It's best to plan this ahead of time to avoid looking for the right adapter at the last minute. No sense buying an expensive one in an airport gift shop.

Do you know the weight restrictions on your luggage...both carry on and checked? Good idea to check before you arrive at the airport.

Do you need any immunizations? If so, do you know how far in advance you should get them?

Have you broken in your new shoes?

Do you need or want a special meal on the plane? If so, have you ordered it?

Did you book your pet or house sitters?

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