Friday, December 12, 2014

Travels: Holiday Travel

Traveling at the holidays? Do you have your list ready? If not...take a look at this one and then customize it to meet your needs. 

Important Identification, Papers, and Essentials
Passport/visa                                    Guidebook                                                 Copies of passport
Identification                                    Maps/directions                                          Copies of credit cards
Boarding pass/tickets                     Medical insurance card                                 Itinerary              
Travel insurance card                     Emergency contact                                        Wallet
Credit Cards                                      ATM Cards                                              Cash
List of Medications

Personal Items
Contact lenses                                 Glasses                                                         First Aid Kit
Toothpaste/Toothbrush                Hair Products                                                   Soap                                   
Cosmetics                                         Deodorant                                                   Facial Products
Hand sanitizer                                  Bandages                                                      Tissues
Medications                                      Pain relievers                                                Vitamins

Underwear                                        Scarves                                                         Shoes
Sleepwear                                         Festive Wear                                                 Sweaters
Accessories                                       Casual Wear                                                  Jeans
Hats                                                    Jewelry                                                         Gloves

Electronics chargers                       Voltage adaptor                                             Camera/memory card
Tablet, phone, other devices

Gifts, etc.
Unwrapped gifts, if flying              Gift bags                                                           Gift wrap

Stocking stuffers                           Cookies or Holiday Food

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