Thursday, December 18, 2014

Travels: Fees When Traveling

You've probably already encountered parking fees at major downtown hotels in large cities. It's just part of the visit. But, did you know some suburban hotels with large parking lots are now charging to park? They typically don't tell you that on their website. Ask before you book or check all sites like Expedia, etc. before you book. The reviews may tell you what to expect.

If you are traveling to Europe and need a rental car, book from a US based company before you go. Typically the charge will be less than if you rented while in Europe.

What happens when you rent a car, then tell the rental counter your spouse may be driving it as well? Do they add additional charges for the second driver? California prohibits those charges and New York caps the charges at $3 per day. Check with your rental company before you go. If you are a member of their frequent renter program, chances are the fee will be waived.

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