Monday, December 22, 2014

Travels: Air Passenger Rights, part 1

 Recently I read a post on about passenger rights when you fly. There are some interesting points here. 

In the US and Europe the price you see when booking is the actual price. The EEC and the DOT require airlines to display the full cost of a ticket, including all mandatory airline charges, governmental taxes, and user fees. Travel providers from online travel agencies or airline websites must also clearly display full prices or face penalties.

The DOT mandates certain air travel rights when bumping, requiring airlines to cover them in their contracts. You may be owed compensation when bumped due to overbooking, unless your airline can get you to your destination within one hour of your scheduled arrival. If it's between one and two hours domestic or between one and four hours for international, it owes you 200 percent of the one way fare up to $650. If your airline moves you to another one, they must pay all the fees associated with that. Check with your airline to see exactly what they cover.

to be continued...

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