Saturday, November 8, 2014

Travels: Save on European Travel

You're planning your vacation to Europe and want to get the most for your money. Great. Who doesn't? 

Here are some things to think about.

When looking at hotels, car rentals, and other non-flight items, try to get the quotes or the rates in US dollars. Why? It's what you're used to seeing and dealing with. You will have the amount in a currency you recognize so when your statement arrives, that amount makes sense. You also won't have to keep checking exchange rates.

Try to stay in one or two places and really immerse yourself in that area and its culture. Base your trip in Florence if you want to visit that particular part of Tuscany, for instance. Stay in Venice if the Veneto and northeast Italy is your focus. Want to spend some time in Champagne? Paris is a good place for a home base. You won't spend hours in transit going from city to city, only to have a couple of hours in one new place. Figure out the area you want to see and then stay in a city central to the whole area.

Think about purchasing a museum pass for attractions, museums, and tours in that city or region. If you know the sites you really want to see, these can be a great value. Make sure those sites are listed on the pass.

If there is only one site on your must see list, check online before you leave home to see if you can purchase the ticket in advance. You avoid the long lines to just purchase the ticket and in most cases you bypass most lines with your prepaid ticket. The same goes for popular sites. Check online before you go.

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