Monday, November 3, 2014

Travelers: Shower Caps and other Hotel Items

The next time you stay in a hotel that provides shower caps, take it with you to use later. You can use it to cover your shoes in your luggage.

Any dirt on the bottom of your shoes won't make its way onto your clean clothes. And, your shoes won't get scuffed by some other items.

Or, use it to cover flip flops or sandals you've worn at the beach. I don't know about you, but I can never get all of the sand out of my flip flops.

Those little bars of soap in hotels...they have some other uses as well.

If you rub the dry bar of soap on a zipper that's stuck, you can lubricate the zipper's teeth enough to get the zipper unstuck. You might have to run it up and down several times, but at least you won't have to break the zipper.

If you've been bitten by some bugs on your travels and forgot to bring any anti-itch, use the bar of soap to help with this as well. Some like to rub the dry bar on the bite, others say wetting the bar a little bit and then rubbing it on the bite works better. Either way, let it dry and you should have relief. Plus, keep a bar in your suitcase as it is not subject to TSA rules and regs.

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