Friday, October 10, 2014

Travelers: Suitcases

Planning on purchasing a new suitcase or piece of carry on luggage? What you purchase will help determine how light you can pack.

Typically, a 22 inch roller suitcase is considered lightweight if it weighs in under 10 pounds. You'll see the term ultralight if it weighs around seven pounds.

Seven pounds is good, provided it's sturdy enough to withstand use and abuse by airlines, baggage handlers, and conveyor belts. You would want one with a decent enough frame to protect your items inside. The rolling duffle bags are good, but keep in mind they don't have an actual frame.

If you're going to use it as a carry on bag, you won't have to think as much about its sturdiness. 

Check out brands online, stop at luggage shops, and read reviews by those who travel for a living. Prices, sizes, weights, and usefulness of the bag vary from brand to brand. While the pricier ones are not always better, there is something to be said for buying a quality bag that costs a little more than the cheapest one you can find.

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