Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Travelers: Smooth Flying

We all know flying can be stressful. We also know taking a trip requires some planning. Check out these easy-to-do tips as you plan your next trip. Plan ahead and make your trip enjoyable.

Pack your essentials in your carry on bag. In case your checked luggage is will have what you need with you.

Make sure your quart size bag with your liquids in it is within easy reach. You don't want to be the one standing, holding up the line in security, looking for your bag that has somehow found its way to the depths of your carry on. Keep it handy.

Keep your hotel information handy. If your bag is lost and airline wants to deliver it to need to know the address. Or when you rent a car or give a taxi driver your sure to give the correct one.

Keep your boarding pass until you return from your trip. You can use it to make sure you receive the correct air miles on your frequent flyer plan.

Make sure you can recognize your bag on the sea of black bags going around and around the baggage carousel. Put a colored piece of tape on the handles or use a sticker from an attraction on the back side of your bag. You can see it much easier and much quicker as it makes its way onto the carousel.

Remember your flight number. Looking at the departure sign with dozens of flights to San Diego or multiple flights to Paris...if you know your number, it makes things easier. If the sign appears in another language first and then your language...knowing your flight number is definitely quicker.

Leave a little extra time to get to the airport. It may be only 30 minutes away...but leave some extra time for that unexpected accident blocking your highway or the downpour you just encountered or the slow moving traffic. There's no point in making yourself all stressed out before you get on that plane. This is vacation...right?

Once you're at the airport parking lot and have your luggage sitting beside you, double check your car. Do you have all your luggage? Who wants to run back for that small piece still sitting in the back seat? Are all the interior lights in your car off? No sense coming back to a dead battery. Did you lock it? Check.

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