Monday, September 8, 2014

Travelers: Product Reviews

New travel products and apps seem to be developed faster and faster all the time. I'm always reading about a new app to help plan your trip or a new travel product to make your travel life easier. Do they work, are they better than what I'm already using, are they worth the money, would I tell my travel friends, can I wait to try them out on my next trip...

Here at Travels and Escapes, I am adding a new feature. I will start reviewing products. This means I will actually use them. I'll install a new app and try it around here. If it's worth it, I tell you about it. As for new products, I will look carefully at them and might buy them. If that product is an improvement over what I'm using...I'll let you know. If it isn't, I will tell you that as well.

Then, when I go on a trip, I'll report back on using the new app or the new product. You will get a genuinely tested review.

If you know of a product or app that is new, or is being developed, or one you absolutely love...let me know. I would love to give it a try.

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