Thursday, September 18, 2014

Travelers: Food Safety Tips

Depending on the country where you will be traveling, food could be an issue. No one wants to get sick at home, let alone in an unfamiliar city.

Drinking water can pose a big problem when traveling. It's obvious you don't want to drink the water in many countries. But, what about countries where you thought it was safe to drink the water? Before you go, research your destination. Is safe water an issue? If you're not sure, drink only bottled water. Ask your hotel to recommend a brand that is a known safe one. Along those same lines, if you're unsure...don't brush your teeth with tap water and keep your mouth shut when taking a shower. Also, avoid ice cubes in drinks.

What about eating street food? If you aren't sure about the cleanliness of it...avoid it. If you see lots of flies hanging around the food...avoid it. If the food vendor looks like he has unclean hands...avoid it. You might want to stay away from food that's been sitting in the sun for hours also.

If you're still unsure about the water...avoid foods that were washed in local water. Salads, fruits, and vegetables might be good ones to avoid. If you can peel it or cook're probably okay to eat it.

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