Monday, September 1, 2014

Travelers: Do You Pack These Items?

Disasters can come at any time, as was evident in the recent earthquake in northern California. Here are some things that may be worth packing when you travel. Even if you don't plan on being in an earthquake, hurricane, tornado, or fire...these items don't take up much room. And, you just never know when they might come in handy.

Whistle: Get a whistle without the cork pea in int as it is more durable. If need be, rescuers can find you easier. Plus, it's a good idea to have when walking in a strange city.

Space blanket: This light, stowable blanket can be used to keep warm or can be used at the beach to keep sand out of your lunch.

First aid kit: Good to have for blister repair, bug bites, and so much more.

Flashlight: Small ones that fit on a key chain are easy to pack. LED ones have long battery life.

Dust mask: Just a basic, easy to pack one can come in handy.

Food and Water: Pack a couple of protein or high energy bars and some extra water.

Solar charger: If there's no electricity, a solar charger will save the day for your phone or tablet.

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