Saturday, August 30, 2014

Travelers: Tourist Scams

Ever been involved in one of these tourist scams while on vacation?

Plain old everyday pickpockets: On a crowded bus, train, or street experienced pickpockets can get close to you and remove your wallet.

Fake gift: Someone on the street hands you a book or a map or someone greets you with a handshake and then ties a cloth bracelet around your wrist as you hold it out. These are not free gifts and payment will be expected. You won't be able to return it either. Their demands for payment get quite vocal.

Distraction: Someone distracts you while their accomplice picks your pocket or purse. Sometimes kids will swarm around you, distracting you while someone else grabs your baggage.

Fake merchandise: On a street corner or on the sidewalk are purses, watches, or artwork...all with designer labels and all at deeply discounted prices. These aren't real and you could be at risk for purchasing any of them in some cities.

What do you do? Pay attention, don't leave valuables unattended, protect your wallet and your purse, keep your luggage close at hand, remove yourself from any scenes that seem like they could go in the wrong direction.

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