Thursday, August 14, 2014

Travelers: Read Reviews

When you're looking for a hotel, boutique inn, B & B, or resort, do you read the reviews other travelers have posted? If so, how much value do you place on them?

Here are some suggestions.

Look at more than just a couple of reviews. That way you will have a better idea of what the place may be like in reality.If all 25 reviews are negative with similar complaints or issues, it's probably a good bet there are things wrong. Move on.

By the same token, if all 25 are glowing with praises about customer service and's probably a good bet that this is really a good place.

Usually, however, you will find some good and some not so good. Pay attention to both ends. Check to see if the bad issues keep coming up in reviews. You might want to try another place.

If most reviews are fantastic, with a few bad ones thrown in, check out what they had to say. Perhaps the not so good reviews were written by someone who just didn't have a good time at the pool that day. Take those with a grain of salt.

Bottom and then decide.

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