Friday, August 22, 2014

Travelers: Foreign Fees, Cash, etc.

Do you check the exchange rate before you travel to another country? Even though your plans might not change based on the rate, you will at least know an approximate cost of items and rates you can expect.

Do you get any currency before you leave? Or, do you wait to exchange money at the airport, at a bank, or from an ATM? Keep in mind exchange agency rates won't be as good as your bank and you'll be charged a commission. Also, if a place is listed as commission free...they often have lower exchange rates. So, if you've checked the exchange rate before you go, you'll know what the approximate rate should be and how much you will get for your dollar.

You could use credit cards for most purchases. Be sure to know if your credit card company charges any foreign transaction fees.

ATMs are another good way to get cash when you're abroad. Once again, check what fees will be charged. You may want to make larger withdrawals so you aren't charged as many fees.

Be sure to call your bank before you go as well.

Have you ever been asked if you would like to be charged in dollars or euros? Opt for local currency to avoid a currency conversion fee.

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